Anniversary Staycation

2020 has been an unusual year.  Covid-19 epidemic led to global lockdowns. Working from home became the norm for those who were not furloughed, while frontline staff continued to work under new conditions. I was in the latter group for a period of time.  Staycation became the alternative to vacation for many of us and now seems popular.

For the first time my husband and I had a staycation for our wedding anniversary.  We went camping in our garden.

Excursions in the Southdowns and trips to local beaches.

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We even supported the local economy, ‘eat out to help out’ at at The Vurger Co, Brighton. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fun we had during our staycation.  This was the first time I slept in a tent.  Granted it was in the garden, but now I would go on a camping trip, something I would never have considered in the past.  It was romantic watching day turn to night, the stars glistening in the night sky and the moon shining bright, and then the reverse, night turning to day, the sun rising and moving across the sky.  For the first time I enjoyed listening to the birds and ducks rising in the morning, instead of thinking of them as a nuisance.  The sounds of nature were priceless.  I never thought watching wildlife would be entertaining, until I started watching a bird build their nest in the tree at the bottom of the garden. It was funny how they would bicker and chase each other across the fence and drink from the pond. 

A week on annual leave enjoying my staycation was brilliant, I was not bored.  I had the headspace to enjoy nature and appreciate my surroundings.  Spending quality time with my husband and relaxing, exploring new trails in the Southdowns and visiting the smaller beaches in the region was adventurous. You will be surprised the amount of treasures we have in the UK which until now, I rarely took notice of them, preferring to travel to other countries.

I am pleased I was receptive to the changes this lockdown has created because it has given me the opportunity to enjoy the simpler things in life.  Who would have thought a staycation would be just as much fun as travelling to another country? 

Out of adversity, comes opportunity, restrictions propel creativity, the moment is special, hence it’s a gift! So enjoy, like I have done.