Black Women Amazons (BWA) was founded by Dr Marcia Morgan in 2018.  An expansion of her blackwomanphdengland.wordpress.com blog, the aim of BWA is to support black women to address the emotional toll of being a gender and racial minority in a professional work and academic setting, by helping them to overcome the challenges and adversity they may face while remaining true to themselves.

BWA is striving to be the leading training and support network, working with black women to advance at work and in education.  As an independent author, coach, consultant and trainer, Marcia applies a specially designed intersectionality and psychosocial model – ‘Rethinking the Strong Black Woman Framework’, to help black women navigate the complex terrain of the workplace and education institutions.  BWA conducts research to ascertain the psychosocial experience of black women and provides strategic and consulting services to help organizations and companies build inclusive work environments. 

The Vision

Many black women experience similar struggles and challenges at work and in education.  Marcia’s vision is to create safe spaces for black women to come together and share their stories, in which women are empowered to manage their career and academic journey with the necessary support to realize their hopes, dreams, and full potential.