A review of Dr Marcia Morgan’s virtual book launch – THE SILENCED VOICE: THERE IS PURPOSE IN PAIN

Celebrating the launch of my second book – The Silenced Voice: There is Purpose in Pain, I held a virtual book launch on the evening of Friday 18th September 2020.  Chaired by Fitzroy Andrews with friends: Dr Gil Robinson, Clover Edwards and Chelsea Thomas.  The event brought attendees from the Caribbean, USA, Europe and the UK, to discuss her journey and motivation for writing The Silenced Voice: There is Purpose in Pain.  The book combines poetry, narrative and analysis through the lens of intersectionality and organisational psychodynamic theory, to empower and inspire others to stay focused and fulfil their purpose.

Testimonials from the speakers:

Marcia does not just highlight discrimination, but how it feels and this is what resonated with me.  Clover Edwards

I would like to congratulate Dr Marcia, I think her work is phenomenal, it’s inspirational. Dr Gil Robinson proclaimed

The second book is relevant to other work areas not just Higher Education and the Prison Service, it is relatable to a number of different experiences. Chelsea Thomas

Comments from the attendees:

I saw the potential at the start of your [Marcia] journey and I’m honoured to have witnessed how you have and continue to rise regardless of obstacles Dominic

Such an inspiring session Maureen

A huge congratulations!! this has been a brilliant event and you are a terrific and important writer. Thank you so so much. Jess

Thank you, Marcia, for your devotion and care to tend your longings with responsibility, creativity and focus.  I really wish you well and thank you for sharing your beautiful poem I really felt that inspiration to self.  Georgina