Working with my Husband

When my husband approached me to support him to design and organise a Christian seminar, I never hesitated to take on the challenge, because it was an opportunity for us to work on a project that we both felt passionate about – making a positive contribution to our church.


On Saturday 9th February, I co-facilitated my first Christian event with my husband Craig. This was our first joint project and we were not sure how it would turn out.

I am pleased to say it was a success. Our shared interest in the topic and drive to support single people to meet life time partners, is something that I feel gave us an even greater sense of connection to one another.

Three months of planning, identifying and reaching out to a specialist in the field, to ensure the seminar had credibility.  We approached David King, New Testament Church of God – Singles Adult Ministry Co-ordinator, to be our special guest.

There were moments when we thought the seminar would not go ahead.  Bureaucracy happens in the church, just like the corporate world.  My husband had to persuade the Men’s department to sponsor the project.  Once they were on board,  we then had to go through the process of pitching the project to the church leader.  This was an opportunity for us to apply our negotiating skills and convince everyone that there was a demand for this event.

I enjoyed designing a programme of activities, researching the material to be included and bouncing ideas around with my husband.  The seminar was a mix of theoretical and practical activities that allowed participants to gain knowledge about the theology of relationships, practical advice, and Christian dating.

We were very pleased with the number of attendees and the positive feedback we received from the evaluation sheets.

My husband’s desire to help his fellow brothers find Christian wives, resulted in a seminar and requests for us to deliver similar programmes at other churches.

My advice from this experience, do not be afraid to act on your ideas and pursue your dream. You may encounter resistance and challenges on the way, but resilience will get you through.

2 thoughts on “Working with my Husband”

  1. HI Marcia, great site! Look forward to catching up at UEL sometime, we missed each other Friday but let’s hook up soon.

    On this specific post…..I am one of three convenors of the singles ministry at my church (see here: – not an active page but its there) ….it would be great to talk about collaborating around an event, we are keen to stage something….let’s connect on this!

    1. Hi Fitzroy,

      We should collaborate on a joint project. We should agree a date to discuss.
      I tried visiting your FB page, but the link was not working. Have you got another link?
      Best wishes,

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