Feeling overwhelmed

There are times when I feel overwhelmed by a situation and my mind goes into overdrive. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment because I have a few projects on the go, as well as the everyday stuff and life.

I recently submitted my manuscript to a publisher, relieved it was complete and submitted on time.  While apprehensive about whether it will be good enough to go to print.  My manuscript will go to print in the next few weeks and rather than being excited and enjoying the moment, I found myself worrying about promoting my book and undertaking a book review campaign, activities I have never done before.

I am currently completing my ILM in Executive Coaching and Mentoring Certificate, level 7.  It involves delivering 20 hours of either coaching or mentoring.  I have been a mentor for many years and completed various mentoring training schemes.  I have also designed and delivered bespoke mentoring programmes, my most recent mentoring programme was designed for my local church which focused on Christian mentoring.  Coaching is new to me.  I was nervous about delivering my first coaching session.  It went well, but nevertheless, I am still a bit apprehensive about recruiting enough people to be my clients and having the capacity to complete the qualification.

I have met many single Christian men and women who have expressed frustration of the lack of opportunity to meet other Christian singletons and understanding the etiquette of Christian dating.  I recently decided to design and facilitate a one- day seminar on the topic.  The uncertainty of not knowing whether it will be well attended or received by the intended audience has me worried.

Although I look like I have it all together, self-doubt has slowly crept in.  The signs are easy to spot.  I’m feeling tired, overwhelmed, emotionally triggered and my inner critic won’t ease up.  Old criticisms, stories and slights keep repeating themselves.  That niggling feeling of not being ‘good enough’ is trying to take control.  For a moment at least, because as I type, I am reminding myself that I have the power to control my own thoughts and act.

I will be applying a number of techniques to help control my mind, remove self-doubt and put things into perspective.  For example, I have arranged to meet a friend Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE, who has publishing experience.  Her book, The Incredible Power of Staff Networks, is a resource for many organisations.  In fact, Cherron is the lady who encouraged me to convert my thesis into a book.  I wrote about this encounter in a previous blog entitled It’s a small world, February 2017.  I have a meeting arranged with Bro David King the NTCG Single Adult Ministry Director to discuss my seminar proposal.  And finally, five individuals have already expressed an interest in becoming my coaching/mentoring clients, and my advert was only published 5 days ago.

So, in the words of TD Jakes “When you hold onto your history you do it at the expense of your destiny.  I will continue to shrug of the negative encounters and stories from my past that create self-doubt, and enjoy my success in the moment and grasp my destiny.

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