Unity is Strength

I met with one of my mentees this week.  She was annoyed, deflated and confused, having attended a two-to-one personal review.  It’s called a two-to-one because she met with her two line managers to discuss her performance, when she was expecting a one-to-one meeting.  So she had good reason to be annoyed, she literally attended an ambush.  Her aspirations to climb the organisational ladder was battered and bruised by the subtle micro-aggressions and baseless criticisms.  She asked me the same question I have been pondering for awhile:

Will there ever be racial equality in UK organisations?

Sadly, I could not provide a definitive answer.  I could only encourage her to review her options, do not be deterred, and persevere.  I wrote the poem below.  I use poetry as an outlet to release my frustration and tension.

Equality one day

One day, there will be change.
Equality for all.
Will be the norm.
There will be no more pain.

My black sister.
Tormented and afraid.
The same old game.
But she doesn’t want to play.

Surrounded by whiteness.
Suffocating and choked.
No hope, full of emptiness.
She knows she has to cope.

Racial equality.
Inclusiveness for all.
As long as you accept.
You still do not belong.

Outsider within.
Looking in.
Black women unite.
Together we can win.

© Dr Marcia Morgan 2017

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