My journey in 2010 commenced with the start of an adventure.

Many would think external.

But my journey was within. 

Long and arduous.

Searching for Marcia Thomas.

A black woman with a steep ladder to climb.

The corporate climb so steep and high.

An illusion which can peeled away.

Like the layers of an onion skin.

Eyes burning.

I cannot see. 

To my surprise.

I can overcome and achieve anything.

Once I know.

Where I’ve come from,

Where I am,

And where I want to be. 

My inner core is no longer forbidden territory.

The torch of exploration has been switched on.

It will brighten my path ahead.

So I can see.

Dr Marcia Morgan 2012

On Friday I attended a mentoring session with two young ladies I am currently mentoring.  Our session was on career plans.  We talked about their academic, career and life plans and aspirations.  I shared with them some of my plans I had produced through the course of my career.  I came across the poem above and thought it would be poignant to share in this week’s post. 

It seems strange that I wrote that poem back in 2012 as a means to reflect on my time on the Accelerate to programme.  Now 5 years on, I feel this poem is still relevant.  For this reason, life is a cycle, we go through similar periods at different times in our life journey.


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