Cocktails & Conversations

An evening at Cocktails and Conversations courtesy of Black Ballad.  It was well worth attending after a very long day at work.  I only wish I could have persuaded my black girlfriends to attend too.  I ended up going solo, but that’s nothing new.  I made the most of the opportunity to network.

cocktails n convo

The attendees including myself were privileged to listen to six inspiring black women speakers from different sectors of business.  The speakers shared their stories about how they navigated through the white seas of racism, misogyny and racial bias in their respective fields.  I’m quite certain, we as black women (and it was practically all black women), could relate to some aspect of the speakers experience.

It was a great feeling being surrounded by other black women applauding the success of the speakers with genuine vigour and excitement.  What was even more electrifying was the safe environment that was created by the organisers and attendees.  A space was created that enabled everyone to be comfortable to express their own brilliance while encouraging each other to be amazing black women.

I strongly believe together we can become unstoppable black women if we are prepared to help each other, or at least be cordial and support each others initiatives and businesses.  Events like Conversations and Cocktails and other activities organised by black women, for black women, are excellent ways to bring this cohort together to celebrate, learn and motivate each other to be influential in our respective fields.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It was such a privilege to be there and be part of a groundbreaking event. It felt so right and I learnt so much for others there. Kepep doing what you are doing and we will gradually change the world – not in anger or defiance but by collaboration, support and our generous hearts

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