New Season

What does this new season mean for you? Is this the time of year when you reflect and take stock of your life?  Or are you continuing with the status quo?

This time of year is ideal to take time and reflect on what you have done, achieved, and want to accomplish in the future.

The days and nights during autumn are equal length, light and dark are balance.  This suggests that it’s the time of year when we should be seeking balance in our life.

The days gradually become much shorter, an indication that we may also need to slow down, catch up on missed sleep and create a steady state.

I know many of us live hectic lives and would argue that we do not have time or space to reflect and seek balance.  I am a culprit.  As I write this post I am thinking about my ‘to do list’ and new ventures I am thinking about starting.

But this season I am determined to find the time to slow down a little, reflect, and find balance.  I doubt it will go beyond this season and into the next.  But I will endeavour to spend October reflecting taking the time to have a few massages, mediate and relax.

I hope you will be able to find time too.

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