There is hope!

Two weeks ago my life changed.  I became a wife when I married my soulmate.  blog.jpgI share this good news because you may have noticed I have not submitted a post for two weeks. When I set myself a target to blog weekly.  With all my good intentions it just was not possible to post a blog because I wanted to savour the moment of being a bride. Plus I had family commitments with relatives visiting from all over the globe and my husband and I had to ensure they enjoyed their visit.

Getting married is an achievement that was not part of my life plan.  I enjoyed being a bridesmaid, even a chief, but I never contemplated being a bride.  It was amazing, it surpassed all other experiences.

On my wedding day a couple of my cousins approached me and said,

“you’ve given us hope”. 

I felt overwhelmed because I’ve always believed that there is plenty of love in the world for everyone.

On reflection,  I can recall when I completed my masters degree a close male friend of mine told me that he had reservations about me meeting, settling down and marrying someone of my own reflection, because of my academic and professional success.  At the time I never took his reservations seriously. I quite liked being single and free to do as I pleased.  So I believed if I was meant to settle down it would happen in God’s perfect timing.

Over the years I have met many professional single black women yearning for a committed intimate relationship.  At times I feel slightly guilty for leaving single black womanhood and entering a committed relationship.  But we all have to make our own life choices and in all honesty there is something spiritual about sharing your life with a significant other.

For those educated, professional black women who believe they cannot settle down in a committed intimate relationship. I have news for you. You can be successful and have an intimate lasting relationship.  You can be a wife and a professional if you so choose.  Because there is love, just have faith, be proactive and practice self-love. 


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