Career fairs

I have attended my third career fair and I have enjoyed each one.  They were all very different, held at three different schools.  The first was La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School in Clapham; followed by Lambeth College, Clapham Common and my most recent Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girl High Barnet.

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The first event involved a group of us talking about the different career options in the Ministry of Justice and wider Civil Service.  At another event, I spent two hours conducting mock interviews with teenage boys and girls.  I was very impressed with many of the young people’s attitude and confidence.  I could see their potential and I was excited to be surrounded by the leaders of tomorrow.  My third career event was different to the previous two events because the young people asked me and other employers from various sectors about our employment, the organisation we worked for and avenues into the industry. 

I have learnt something about myself through my interactions with the young people.  I can sometimes be overpowering in my moments of excitement.  I love learning and I always encourage people to continue in formal education.  However, not everyone enjoys learning, I must remain mindful of this.  So, as I spoke to the different young people I endeavoured to tap into their interests before I tried to influence.  You see, no two-young people are the same.  They have different mind sets in relation to their academic and career paths.  I, as a role model have developed the skill to recognise and understand what the young person wants to get out of our interaction in a brief period.  This involves active listening and close observation of body language.

Notwithstanding, it was an honour and privilege to spend my time with these young people.  I enjoyed every minute of the events.  For a long time, I was lacking purpose in my work.  Volunteering has given me a sense of purpose.  I could give something back, in respect of time, energy and positive encouragement to the young people I had the pleasure of meeting.  In addition, I raised the profile of my organisation in an attempt to create a more diverse workforce in the future.

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