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La Retriare RC girls school career day june 2017I feel blessed that I am able to take time out of the usual hustle and bustle of my day job to do something that will directly impact the lives of our young people.  I use the term ‘our’ because I may not necessarily know the young people personally, but I take my responsibility as a successful professional black woman PhD finisher, seriously.  And for this reason, as part of my 2017 goals in achieving my purpose, I have embarked on working with organisations such as the Black Training and Enterprise Group and the Ministry of a Justice School Programme to reach out to young people and support them to pursue academic and career excellence.

Today, along with other colleagues, I attended the La Retriate, RC Girl’s school, London, Careers Day. I had the honour of listening to the ambitions and uncertainties of education and career goals that the young girls talked about.  Sometimes it is better to listen first and then adapt your advice and guidance to meet the listeners interest and needs.  This is the approach I took and it seems to have had a greater impact than just talking at the young people.

I love interacting with ambitious young people.  Their energy and enthusiasm is electrifying.  When you listen to their ideas and plans for the future it takes me back to my teens and I start reminiscing about my own dreams and ambitions and the steps I took to achieve them.  These are the things I share when I have the opportunity to encourage others.

I keep harping on about getting involved with our young people, either becoming a mentor or taking the time out to listen and encourage them to aspire to achieve excellence.  Do you know why?  Because we all have the potential to make a positive impact on someone else.  So get involved.

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