Are you a diamond?

I watched a programme on BET called ‘The Round’, a show that premiers the experience of black women guest speakers who share their stories, to empower and inspire the audience. Sheryl Jones, a jewellery designer, was one of the guest speakers who shared her career and life journey using the metaphor of a diamond.

Her use of the diamond as a metaphor to demonstrate how intense pressure and passion to create positive results, resonated with me.  It made me think about whether I was a

Life and it’s trials and complications, especially with the added pressure of studying, can sometimes create feelings so intense that you feel conflicted about studying and working, or other personal responsibilities.  You reach a point where you become so overwhelmed that you feel you need to erupt, to release the pressure and tension within.

This pressure and intensity of conflicting priorities can in fact be used as a catalyst to make you take stock, re-evaluate and assess the whole situation from the centre of that feeling of being pressured.

Now how do we turn intense pressure into something as precious as a diamond.  We change our attitude and behaviour.  For example, I have found that using my electronic calendar has been an instrumental tool in helping me to priorities my personal, educational and working tasks, by ensuring I am well aware of my deadlines.  In addition to this, discipline in planning and starting my work early, thinking about the amount of time and resources required, i.e. books, websites, and the emotional labour involved in completing a task.  Is what helped me to transform the intense pressure I felt at times and feelings of being overwhelmed, to create the diamond I spent almost seven years to produce – my PhD thesis, which earned me my Doctorate.  Therefore, I am a diamond.  And so are you, because we are all unique and have the capacity to transform intense pressure into a blossom of positivity.

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