We are all role models

We are all role models in our own unique way. We have knowledge and wisdom based on our life experience that we can share with others to encourage and support them through life challenges, difficulties and even the good times, new adventures and into unknown territory.

Many of us feel we have nothing to offer another individual, but this is incorrect. We all have a story to tell that is worth sharing with someone else, especially a young person starting out on their life journey.

From personal experience, my first role model was my Grandmother. She was a strong matriarch with Christian values and principles that she taught me as I grew up. I learnt how to budget and manage my finances by observing the way she handled her money. Her main principle for money management was ‘pay your bills first, save a percentage and the rest is yours to do what you choose’. My Grandmother taught me how to cook, bake, manage a home and create a loving environment. The foundation for a happy home in adult life, rather than a house one lives in. They are some of the qualities that I have found useful not that I am grown.


If we think back in our life, most of us will be able to recall a person who has influenced us in someway. This will be a person who possess the qualities that we would like to have. We often don’t recognise true role models until we have noticed our own personal growth and progress. We also don’t recognise the influence or impact we have on others and for this reason we sell ourselves short and wrongfully think we cannot be role models.

So think about becoming a role model and make a difference.

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