Live each day to the fullest

I had to take a moment to pray for the families who lost their loved ones in the Manchester bombing and also for those individuals whose life will be changed by the incident.

I was born and raised in Manchester.  So this is not the first time I have experienced my city being destroyed by selfish people who care little for the lives they destroy in their quest to make a statement.  I can still recall the bombing of the Arndale centre, leaving school early, and the fright and mayhem it caused.

This incident sent a different kind of chill down my spine, when I woke up to several miss calls and WhatsApp messages from family and friends enquiring about whether my son was in the city centre.  Motherly instinct kicked in, I was worried for my son’s safety.

Thankfully he was not in Manchester City centre at the time of the incident.  I knew he was miles away at the MMU Crewe campus, but still I had to phone him.  I was overwhelmed by a moment of fright and the need to hear my son’s voice to reassure myself he was safe.  This feeling was probably felt by every parent at that time.

I have attended many events at the Manchester arena and I have taken my son and sister to the same venue when they were younger.  So I am very alert to the fact that I could easily have been in the venue.

The purpose of these random attacks is to create terror.  But we as individuals have to rise above the crippling thoughts of anxiety and fear and continue to live our life to the fullest.  Yes we need to be extra vigilant, but we cannot allow these incidents to restrict our free movement across the country and world.

In times like these we must remember to be happy, have purpose, love unconditionally and give thanks, because each day is a present, do not waste it.

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