Do you have purpose?

From time to time I sometimes feel I lack purpose, especially when I am consumed with daily life tasks and responsibilities.  This is a feeling I dislike because I like to be doing something that is important, worthwhile and useful.  This is what gives me purpose in life.

I like to have purpose in whatever I do, whether that’s completing a project at work,  helping someone, preparing a meal at home, or doing something I enjoy. The underlying chemistry of doing something that gives me personal satisfaction, is what gives me purpose.

When we reflect, we are able to think about our existence in life and purpose on a deeper level.  I reflect regularly for this very reason.

I can recall at the age of 10 years old asking my Grandmother if I could help her to write a letter to her niece in Jamaica, because my Aunty was not available.  My Grandmother found it difficult to read and write because of her deteriorating eyesight.  She allowed me to write the letter.  I felt useful and ecstatic that she trusted me to write on her behalf.  From then on she allowed me to write other letters.

I can also recall every Saturday morning  without fail, I would accompany my Grandmother to the weekly shop and pull the trolley. I was doing this before I grew taller than the trolley and once the trolley was full at times she ended up pulling it. But yet I still felt useful because I was helping her.

When I was 17 years old and got my first car. I would always give my Grandmother’s friends a lift home from church or if I saw them walking, to their destination.  I knew how my Grandmother suffered with arthritis and the difficulty and pain she endured when she had to walk long distance.  So I wanted to help others from enduring the same pain.

You see?  These things are not anything big. But those little useful things adds up to a childhood that was well lived.  Leading to a life that mattered and had purpose.

I share these stories because we all have purpose and if there is someone who is feeling demotivated and lacking in purpose.  I would encourage you to do something for someone else, it does not have to be anything major.  Helping someone will change your mind-set, which in turn change the way you feel about yourself.

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