On holiday in Dubai

You may not have noticed, but my last blog was two weeks ago.  I travelled to Dubai with my Bestie Aisha for my birthday.

A woman’s holiday because we are no longer girls, but fully developed independent women in our own right.  Two women with very different perspectives on life while sharing similar interests and a close friendship. We have been Besties for well over two decades, even though we have never lived in the same city. We have always been there for each other, encouraging and supporting each other through our life journey.

I share this information because in one of my previous posts I mentioned attending an event with my Bestie while taking a break from my studies, so I have mentioned her before.

This holiday was a chance for us to explore a new country, have fun and step out of our comfort zone to visit a place with a very distinctive and different culture to our own.  I was advised not to go to Dubai because of the current issues plaguing the world.  But life is too short to live in fear and after what happened on Westminster Bridge, a place I often go running during my lunch break, anything can happen anywhere.

I really enjoyed my holiday.  We visited many places and indulged in lots of tourist activities.   I initially found it difficult to adhere to some of the customs, but I was open and willing to try and I am pleased I made the effort because the experience was humbling.

Dubai photgrid_blog.jpg

I was however struck by the lack of women around, driving, walking, etc.  At times apart from seeing tourist females, we saw hardly any women from the country. This observation initiated many colourful discussions about gender equality/inequality, what that may mean to women in Dubai, Ajman and Abi Dubai.  Whether it differed to women in the Western world and from a personal perspective, who are we as Westernised women to judge and analyse when using our own cultural lens which is bound to taint our view.

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