Time for introspection

I spent over half a decade thinking about my PhD, dreaming about my PhD and doing my PhD.  My PhD literally dominated my life.  It was a significant part of who I was and how I defined myself for many years.

My academic and career goals were aligned to my PhD and having planned my career in five year periods, I had stopped during my PhD because I decided to plan my next five years once I finished.  Now I have finished the passion and drive I once had towards my career has subsided.

I am not sure how and why this happened, but this is the situation I currently find myself in.  When I meet people who are aware of my PhD journey they ask what my next career step will be.  To be honest and quite frank at this moment in time I do not have a definitive answer.

In regards to my personal endeavours I have a few projects including my voluntary work which I am enthusiastic about and enjoy doing.  But within my organisation I guess I’m a different person to whom I am outside and this is difficult to understand and analyse.

There is a Jamaican saying:

Finger never says look ya, him say look yonda.

Translated: People never point out their own faults.

Over the last few months I have given advice and shared useful tips about the journey of higher education.  After a conversation last week with a colleague in which I was professionally challenged to think about my position and role in the organisation.  I am now reflecting on myself and asking difficult and uncomfortable questions about my current occupational location.

This is what prompted me to think about the above quote, because now it is time for introspection and I will be pointing my finger at me.



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