Memorable achievements

I spent my Saturday attending a Role Model induction training session delivered by the Black Training and Enterprise Group, as part of their Routes2Success programme.  The training included a safeguarding session delivered by Annetta Bennett.  I found this particular session very informative and useful.

Each participant was required to deliver a 2 minute presentation about a memorable achievement. I could not decide on one achievement I wanted to share.  So I opted to write a poem that included a list of the achievements that came to mind during the 5 minutes we had to prepare.  This poem is below.

My most memorable achievement
Where should I begin?

Completing my 25 metres,
Or playing the violin.

Being 16, standing up to social services,
To keep my Grandmother at home.
Doing my A-levels, while being her carer.

Passing my driving test at 17.
Or being the first to go to university.

Or is it.

Giving birth to my son
20 years ago.
Or seeing a tear in my father’s eye,
At my first graduation October 2000.

Or maybe in my career.
When I walked boldly into my first prison,
A teacher mistaken for a domestic visitor.
Or going into management
In hmpps when others said,
“You ain’t one of them”

Completing my Phd
Creating a space in prison occupation about black women experience.
For many is a memorable achievement.
But for me it is the beginning of my quest to keep achieving.

I have many moments,
When I have achieved.
But these are the few I have chosen
To share.

© Dr Marcia Thomas

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