Who do you see?

When you look at these pictures who do you see?
A black girl looking back.
She is me.                                                                                                          r2s.png
But really,
Who do you see.
Do you see yourself in me?

Who am I?
Some would say,
A black woman with an attitude;
A chip on her shoulder;
A benefit claimer;
Or possibly a cleaner.

But really.
Who am I?
A mother;
A Dr of philosophy;
A senior manager;
A woman leader.
I’m whoever I want to be.

And so can you.
Be anything you want to be.
If you don’t allow anyone to determine what that might be.

What are your aspirations?
What do want to be?
On this piece of paper list all of those things.                      
© Dr Marcia Thomas paper


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