Filled with Ambivalence

I am filled with mixed feelings of excitement, anxiety and butterflies.  The feelings you get when you start out on a new adventure into the unknown.  My cousin Simon, said

“The unknown in a positive place, it is more than most could dream of”.

He is right.  I have been given the opportunity to share my story across the globe and I am truly humbled, and thank God everyday for opening new doors, giving me the chance to learn new things, and have new experiences.

I have not really used social media before. But I had set myself a challenge when completing my PhD that once I finished, I would make my research accessible to black women regardless of their education and social background.  To do this I have had to leave my comfort zone and share my ideas, concepts thoughts and experience with people I will never meet or know.  It’s scary, but if I want to encourage more black women to raise their voices, share their stories, and become leaders and influential women, then I have to play my part in making this happen.

The opportunity to target thousands of women beyond my immediate circle and inspire many to aim high and achieve in all areas of their lives, has come about through the Unstoppable Women Leaders Webinar.

Five days and counting until the event on the 8th March.  I am one of the participants and will be interviewed at 11pm.  I know, pretty late for a weeknight, but this is a 12 hour international event in celebration of International Women’s Day.  Fifteen participants from six different countries, one host Sharon Warmington the organiser of the event. She has done an amazing job and I am thankful for her vision to make this event happen.

Dr Marcia Thomas
(National Offender Management Service)


This picture was taken for the publicity material.  I will be sharing how I navigated my career and academic landscape.  From being the young black girl with an attitude, to a black woman leader. I have surely come a very long way and I have had a very interesting, at times fun, but challenging journey nonetheless.  I hope my story will inspire and empower other women in leadership and those considering becoming leaders of the future.

There is still time to register at

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