It’s a small world

You may recall my previous post about my evening attending Routes2Sucess’ information event.  What I never mentioned was these ladies in the photograph.


Let me tell you about one of them.  I met Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE, a couple of years ago at a mentoring event at City Hall, London.  At the time she had just published her book – The incredible Power of Networking. We spoke and I shared with her that I was on my PhD journey.  She asked me if I planned to write a book when I finished.

Writing a book immediately after finishing my PhD was not something I had given much thought to. Although I had a few of those ‘one day’ moments.  However, after speaking to Cherron, I felt compelled to write a book based on my research. She had made an impact without possibly knowing.

I never thought that I would meet Cherron again.  But I was still accountable not to Cherron, but to myself, because I am a woman of my word.  Last week our paths crossed and I thanked her for inspiring me to write.  It’s ironic that our paths crossed at an unexpected event that had a bearing on our first encounter – mentoring.

My second encounter with Cherron and attending the Routes2Sucess event have piqued my interest in the philosophy of mentoring, specifically the question of whether white and black professionals have different philosophies on how to mentor.

I plan to give this idea some more thought and may share in a future post.

In the meantime, remember we all make an impact on the people we interact with,  always aim to make a positive impression.

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