Project Race

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I shared in a previous post an initiative I am currently involved in called Project Race.  The launch of Project Race – BIG BOLD BRAVE, took place today and was attended by Sam Gyimah the Prison and Probation Minister and Richard Heaton the Permanent Secretary.

I listened attentively to Sam and Richard’s vision and hope for a more racially inclusive Ministry of Justice UK. I particularly enjoyed their personal snippets of the realisation of the snowy peaks of the organisation and their personal commitment to make their senior managers accountable for making their senior management teams racially inclusive.

Personally, I am optimistic about their genuinity and drive to make the organisation racially inclusive.  The aims and objectives of Project Race are SMART with clear measurable milestones and capacity for continuous improvement.

Time will tell what the long term impact will be, but for now, the difficult conversations are beginning to take place. And with 30 Race Ambassadors across the Ministry of Justice UK, initiating conversations about race and the heads of departments being held to account.  There is hope for a racially inclusive senior management team in the Ministry of Justice UK.

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