Poem – This is my celebration

The poem I would like to share was written and presented at the Accelerate to learning and development programme for BME and disabled middle managers in NOMS, in 2011.


I can see how far I’ve come at last,

Because I have just looked back.

It has been a turbulent 12 months.

It’s been tough, but it has also been fun. 

I have learnt a lot about who I am.

By being courageous and

exploring the source of my fear.

Accelerate to,

Has given me the tools.

To open my mind, my heart and my thoughts.

To challenge my limitations and my flaws. 

To learn how to be good to myself.

By looking after my mental health.

As well as my spirit, soul and physical health. 

I feel great, I feel excited.

Freedom is mine.

To pursue my journey of life.

I feel energetic.

In control of my life.

It’s all in perspective.

Even my son, colleagues and friends cannot deny.

That I have blossomed.

Matured and cool down.

Because I have realised that life is too short.

To live it by other people’s standards.

And not my own.

© Dr Marcia Thomas, 2011


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