How to stop rail industrial action from hindering your studies

I am on my commute to work.  Well sort of, since I rely on Southern railway to travel into the city, my journey has taken an extra 36 minutes and it’s suppose to be a normal day, because industrial action does not start until tomorrow.  Hopefully both sides of the dispute will come to some kind of agreement during their impromptu negotiations today.

I was speaking to a friend of mine who is currently studying a Masters degree and has to use Southern railway to get to university and her placements.  She shared her frustration and problems with having to miss lectures and extend her placement every time she is unable to travel.  So this conversation and the fact that I am waiting for my connection to continue my journey was my prompt to share some helpful tips on how to stop the rail industrial action from affecting your studies.

Attending lectures are important, but can you still learn the content if you are not present?

If you are unable to attend all your lectures there is no need to be disheartened.  Spend time carefully reading the lecture handouts, textbooks and sources on your own, this way you will cover the content.  Infact, it will deepen your learning and understanding because you will have to form your own conclusions, plus, you haven’t sat in a lecture and been talked at for two hours.

You don’t have to always be physically in a lecture hall to participate.  Many universities have video, audio and screencasts capability,  so it is worth discussing with your tutor the possibility of them delivering some of their lectures using webinar, screencast or podcast. If your tutor is resistant then try explaining how recorded media can enhance engagement and learning for all students. Gain support from other students because they may be encountering similar difficulties attending lectures too. The more people championing the cause, the more likely you will get what you want.

Good luck.

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