My Black Sister

I had the opportunity to participate in a learning and development programme for BME (I detest this term, because what is a BME?)  and disabled middle management staff in the National Offender Management Service.

After listening to a successful black woman senior manager from a different occupation, who shared her career story.  I wrote this poem entitled There is something about my black sister, in April 2011:

There is something about listening to my black sister,

I cannot find the words to explain.

Empowering, encouraging, enlightening,

These words don’t quite capture my feelings or what I want to say.

There is something about seeing my black sister,

Standing in front of me.

Speaking to everyone in the room.

Leading me somewhere,

I’m not quite sure where.

There is something about my black sister,

Who stands and speaks to me.

She is not white,

She is not male.

She looks just like me.

There is something about my black sister,

Her presence gives me strength.

She reminds me that our individual trials and tribulations are not unique,

we share them as a group.

Our shared gender and race, creates a bond between us.

© Dr Marcia Thomas, 2014

2 thoughts on “My Black Sister”

  1. That how I am feeling as a Black Female PO and reading your tweets and about you achievement. Never heard of you but follow now. You give me hope and a new perspective in my Career to aspire to. Thank you

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